Sozopol today is a town combining ancient days with contemporary life. Summer tourism in the town marks its beginning as far back as 1926. During the years, it has changed inevitably and today Sozopol is modern tourist town which attracts many tourists from all over the World. The guests in the town are bewitched by the ancient history and artistic atmosphere of the old town, by the marvelous beaches with very fine sand. The multitude of hotels and private lodgings provide comfort and convenience for each taste and furthermore they offer perfect conditions for authentic recreation, while the multitude of restaurants and fast food establishments, day and night bars, charge people with high spirits, good mood and much power. 
The day of the town is celebrated on July 17th and it is devoted to patroness - Saint Marina.
During the first days of September each year, Sozopol turns into a kind of cultural capital of Bulgaria. This is the time and place, when and where the yearly festival of arts - Apolonia, takes place.

Geographical location
Sozopol is situated in South-Eastern Bulgaria. It occupies the territory on three peninsulas, part of the Southern seashore, typical with its sloping beach, interchanging rocky forelands with bays, covered with fine, golden sand.

The closest bigger town - Burgas is 34 km away.
The closest airport - airport Burgas is 45 km away.
Varna - 160 km away
Veliko Tarnovo (ancient capital of Bulgaria) - 250 km away.
Sofia (capital of Bulgaria) - 440  away.