Sozopol - one of the most ancient and most beautiful towns in Bulgaria - known since year 610 before Christ, when Greeks were settled in it, coming from the Minor Asia's town Milet and Fokea and thus founded town Apolonia Pontika. The next few centuries, Apolonia has the biggest contribution to the thrilling history along the Western Black Sea coast. The town was "becoming richer" thanks to trade and crafts of the Thracians, it becomes the center of economic exchange in the South-Eastern Part of the Balkan peninsula. Besides a main leading commercial center for the region, Apolonia Pontika  has also been a basic center of culture, due to which the town has often been called Apolonia Magna or Great Apolonia.
Then following are centuries' lasting wars with the founded in year 510 before Christ Messemvria, today's Nessebar. Since year 520 before Christ, the polis Apolonia was the first one along the Western Black Sea cost to stamp coins - obols, drahmes and tetradrahmes. The sign on the coins and the totem of Sozopol is the anchor, another evidence about the importance of trade and the port for the town.
During the tragic for the town year 72 before Christ, the Roman military commander Mark Lukul conquers the lands of today's Burgas District and Apolonia - he plundered and burned down to ashes. Later on, the town has been restored, but it never reached its former glory. The next name of the town, with which it has been known since year 431 is Sozopolis, meaning the Town of Salvation. With the founding by Khan Asparuh of the Bulgarian State in year 681, Sozopol is situated within the borders of Bulgaria. But similar to the faith of a number of border settlements, it has often been transferred in the hands of Byzantium and back. Sozopol is under Turkish rule since April 1453. In some Turkish documents, dating back from XV-XIX centuries, it has been noted that Sozopol is a big Christian town with about 5000 inhabitants - third in size after Varna and Anhialo. At the time of the liberation of Bulgaria during 1877-78, the inhabitants in Sozopol were about 4400 people with main occupation - fishery.