The Old town with the typical Sozopol's style houses
There are over 200 houses, dating as far back as the middle of the XVIII-th and the beginning of the XIX-th century, with narrow and cobble stone streets which attribute romance to the Old Town. This is also the place where almost all cultural and historical landmarks of the town are concentrated. It covers the whole territory of Skamnii peninsula, one of the three peninsulas over which today's Sozopol is situated.
Since 1974, the Old town is turned into an Architectural and archeological sanctuary Old-time Sozopol and it covers over 180 houses with authentic Renaissance architecture from XVIII-XIX centuries, with the first floor, built up of stone, second floor - with cob walls, coated from the outside with wood and roof, made of Turkish tiles - as such being typical representatives of the Black Sea type of Renaissance houses, bearing some features that make them resemble the houses of the Strandja and Balkans mountains types. In most of the cases, on the bottom floor, the outbuildings' premises have been situated.
The most famous among them is perhaps the house of the fish trader - Dimitar Laskaridis, which at present is one of the most famous arts gallery in Sozopol - Galleria Laskaridi.
Other typical representatives of this type of houses are: "Ana Batinioti house", "House Thracian inn", Zagorova house, "The house with the Sun" of Ana Trendafilova.